• Sometimes I wake up just really relieved & grateful that no whole trees fell on us while we were sleeping. #
  • MMMMmmmm . . . had some relaxed lunchtime love & fucking with @DeliaTS. Now I'm hungry! And the wind is banging my gate w/the lost washer. #
  • Those are awesome pics, @HRugaru : http://t.co/VutGucSL – I love nighttime/dead-o-morning pictures. in reply to HRugaru #
  • Orgasms gently morphing into pre-period cramps. Looking forward to a nice warm cozy flow starting soon. #
  • For me it has never been the case that orgasm relieved menstrual cramps, @joepennant – I do think good sex decreases pain sensitivity though in reply to joepennant #
  • Sexy romantic nudie pics today from morning romp with @DeliaTShttp://t.co/X8EHpr0T #
  • My girlfriend is as sexually accessible to YOU right now as she'll probably ever be! Live on cam: http://t.co/cXSXwuFC #
  • @joepennant LOL – I don't know if I know much about other women, just about myself. Which 1/2 the time seems different from female paradigm. in reply to joepennant #
  • Watch the first of my birthday wishlist free sex vids! http://t.co/nd52GU9G @DeliaTS is giving me good foot foreplay in this clip! #

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