• Woke up to snow again! http://t.co/XcELbgn1 #
  • @MonkeyAxis Thanks for the pic – I was definitely wanting to see this . . . such a close call! in reply to MonkeyAxis #
  • I think I need to lie down after that appointment I just had with a mental health pro plus LONG-ASS CONVOS w/people afterwards. #
  • This Klonopin is nice & all, but there's no way I can take it every day (let alone TWICE a day) as prescribed without being sideways zombie. #
  • My "short" hairs & boobs & kisses from strangers: http://t.co/0ttJIlmD #
  • Enjoying a movie about a wanker. (watching The Woman in the Window (1944)) http://t.co/361wXqLX #

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