• More high wind warnings, and it's trying really hard to snow. Succeeding, but just barely. #
  • Awesome to hear!RT @joepennant @tastytrixie you underrate your knowledge. Look, I used to think it was taboo to have sex during periods… in reply to joepennant #
  • @juliastockings I'm trying extremely unsuccessfully to get pics of this fast-morphing snow-drop-flake-pellet white-clear-white stuffs. in reply to juliastockings #
  • Here's my nudie pic of the day, naked in the backyard under an umbrella: http://t.co/GbsMcavh #
  • Survivors of sex crimes are tweeting why some of them didn't report it (&/or what sad shit happened when they did): check #ididnotreport #
  • Are solar flares disrupting coverage, @ATT ? Last few days I sometimes can't make calls or get online in the same house I've been for 1 yr+. #

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