• @wabtlsfan We could definitely stand for the herds to be thinned . . . there should be a managed hunt, but they'll never do it here. in reply to wabtlsfan #
  • @juliastockings As do you, my favorite naughty nylon teacher! in reply to juliastockings #
  • If not for consulting with @LightningAllie I probably wouldn't have gone to this awesomely fun good-for-me thing I just went to. THANKS LA! #
  • You can't say anything that will make me stop watching Toddlers & Tiaras & LOVING a lot about it. Show Me Smiles episode so awesome. #
  • Pics of me naked wearing a mask I painted today: http://t.co/I3ge8DaJ PLUS pics from my day off yesterday. #
  • Checking my email for first time since…ummmm…days ago. #
  • Got an awesomely sensual pic from @hypnoticriver of a birthday present I could not put on my internet wishlist. SOMEDAY . . . #

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