• There is one thing that makes SUNSHINE plus CABIN sad: having to lower curtains & block out sun to see monitor to be able to work. #
  • I definitely have some thank yous to post & email for all the people who helped make my bday month special! http://t.co/PCT1l6g6 #
  • Putting on my dirty gloves to spend an hour or so in the backyard doing more cleanup & planting. #
  • 1 hour turned into 2 & 1/2 . . . & peaceful light rain I want to stay out in. Hard to come back inside to do computer work. #
  • About to eat some beautiful, healthy salad that @deliats made for us. http://t.co/ojvnxYyQ #
  • In honor of Palm Sunday, I'll be performing a donkey show live on cam. Peace be with you! #

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