• Ugh, WordPress. Why do you have to fuck up my code when I do additional edits in visual vs. html view?? Important stuff broken! Extra work! #
  • On a jollier note, did you see my nudie pics from last night? http://t.co/zuZKW8J0 #
  • @Elligirl oh no, what? Is my avatar broken too? in reply to Elligirl #
  • Noooo, @Elligirl what? Hey people!! Can you see my avatar/little picture here? I see it, on my computers AND phone…but @elligirl doesn't? in reply to Elligirl #
  • I confess . . . I'm an overzealous user of exclamation points!!! Trying to tone them down on the site I'm working on right now, though. #
  • Suuuuper tired . . . but we made time for silly nudie pics of me wearing a jaunty "hat": http://t.co/cTLmCtvz #
  • Thanks, @JaneBurgess ! @DeliaTS @freeones I just finally signed up few days ago, need to follow through. Do they have any tgirls on there? in reply to JaneBurgess #
  • @JaneBurgess @DeliaTS @freeones @MrsKellyPierce Ohhhh, awesome! That's really good news – thanks for the info. in reply to JaneBurgess #
  • GREAT reinforcement of how men in every subculture are apparently more interesting/worthy of attention than wome… http://t.co/vtRSFtqo #

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