• The good news is I saw goats on parade this morning! The bad news is our lawnmower won't start. The good news is the sun is shining!! #
  • Preview pic of @deliats being coy on cam, live right now to strip & stroke with you on http://t.co/cXSXwuFC ! http://t.co/sqXYHIw8 #
  • Should've made a video of me naked trying to start the lawnmower (I already called handyman to repair it). #MissedOpportunity #BoobsInAction #
  • I hate it when captcha says to type the "words", but they ARE NOT real actual WORDS!! It's insane how confused that always makes me. #
  • Putting on makeup, LOTS of lipgloss & too-small bra to record vlog for members. Usually I keep casual, but it's like Easter egg decorating! #
  • I've actually got shiny hair & makeup on for today's nudie pic! http://t.co/g48j1vDK #

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