• Taking today off together. http://t.co/0gD5MRH4 #
  • Pretty fucking depressing. but right up my alley. (watching For the Love of Dolly) http://t.co/W0xAVUny #
  • I wonder how many documentaries in a row we can watch that could be mistaken for Christopher Guest films… #
  • Just who I need to balance out the Dolly approach to fans. (watching James Ellroy's Feast of Death) http://t.co/afP00hM9 #
  • Fuuuuuuuck yeah, you boys with your makeup & your music! (watching Classic Albums: Duran Duran: Rio) http://t.co/MmUdoQBW #
  • Mmmm…going to sleep with cum dripping out of me. #

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