• @UndressJess That's the first movie I went to by myself to see in the movie theater! I think I was 17 maybe, so I had a (solitary) blast! in reply to UndressJess #
  • Just got home after 13 hours mostly spent 1) on the road and 2) at the dentist. @DeliaTS got some serious work done. RELIEVED no root canal! #
  • My nudie pics of the day are very graphically interesting, but they're not of me. http://t.co/HRrM33oR Local color! #
  • @UndressJess I love it, but have only done it a few times. Only scary time was being alone w/ 3 homophobic dudes watching Cruel Intentions. in reply to UndressJess #
  • Arrggh, @greenguy89 ! Thanks for the pic thievery heads up. Sigh. It *is* true that @DeliaTS is a "Huge Balls Shemale", though! in reply to greenguy89 #
  • Awwww, @amberlily – you might even be the ONLY one! And you *must* know I would buy alcohol with you wherever (& almost whenever) you want. in reply to amberlily #
  • There are many worthwhile moments in this movie so far. @DeliaTS & I burst into tears over 1 of them ~hour in…… http://t.co/aHPs6qJc #

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