• @GdsGr8tst It is! Thanks for squeezing some props in there for me since someone cropped out my name. It came from here: http://t.co/Kqx3yqlv in reply to GdsGr8tst #
  • Ahhhhh! The refreshing sound of current negative results for STIs from @DeliaTS . I still have to get tested, though. #
  • The world now feels like a sunny & benevolent place. That may change after I do the bills, though. http://t.co/C6WFJiO5 #
  • I can play a whole game of solitaire waiting for some of these fucking SIMPLE reports to run, stupid-ass corp whose shithole we all kiss. #
  • What a difference $528.09 makes. #
  • @AaliyahLove69 I'm having super twisted fantasies about how you got out of it. in reply to AaliyahLove69 #
  • @AaliyahLove69 I'm totally going to masturbate to this. TOTALLY. Over and over again. in reply to AaliyahLove69 #
  • I could almost stomach Werner's ridiculousness IF HE WOULD GET A STEADY CAM! (watching Into the Abyss) http://t.co/xivHBBZ6 #

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