• Where I'm enjoying my breakfast (sun & breeze in, out, up, down … Bird sounds…) http://t.co/G47GGauf #
  • Pic of me, naked in the backyard reading less than an hour ago: http://t.co/k4SMCxiT #
  • I'm about to mow the lawn . . . maybe even on cam! #
  • Time to put away the mower & do webmaster-y work: http://t.co/a9aueIM8 #
  • Should I start posting pics more often, perhaps hourly, showing me actually working at computer? Instead of just "I'm outside/life is rad!"? #
  • @SuperViewer Yeah, totally. I don't think I even want to post boring at-computer pics at all. I'm just afraid people think I don't work. in reply to SuperViewer #
  • Smiling tonight thinking of FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN tomorrow! #

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