• @kwthemale Not that I recall. Just checked & I'm able to see it whether I'm logged into tumblr or not. Maybe it was tumblr weirdness? in reply to kwthemale #
  • 6% done with The Last Policeman, by Ben H. Winters: Been craving a book like this: dry humor, entertaining existent… http://t.co/GyJW6NVL #
  • I'm editing video while @deliats has fun with you on cam: http://t.co/cXSSYUws http://t.co/zUUD9jH1 #
  • My nudie pic of the day plus a vision of the double-team strap-on video in store for you: http://t.co/56RiuDMU #
  • Pretty stiff and tired after 10+ computer hours, but very very happy to be done editing that video! Now to encode & upload . . . & watch tv! #
  • It was good to relearn how to work with 2 video (& audio) sources. We rarely do that; extra time in editing but more dynamic. #
  • Thank you to @LightningAllie for shooting and @hypnoticriver for playing with @DeliaTS and I! #
  • I'm so so so grateful I get to choose my work days & hours! I love working on other people's weekends & taking weekdays off. #hermit #
  • I also love that I work at home so nobody locks up the office & makes me leave in the middle of a project. & I SHARE MY "OFFICE" W/ NO ONE! #

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