• @AlannaThomas When I click the banners on the gallery to go to your site I get a 404 error. in reply to AlannaThomas #
  • @radmul @AlannaThomas So this link does not lead to an error page for you? http://t.co/Kf2vNcJt (via banners on http://t.co/IeoYJyDH ) in reply to radmul #
  • It's a sunny day, the moon's almost dark … perfect for doing laundry. http://t.co/hiBhNrpi #
  • Unfortunately, discovered washer is leaking. FORTUNATELY, @deliats is handy at fixing things. http://t.co/fQEaiB6K #
  • Poor @DeliaTS has been doing a bunch of fix-it projects. It's great to save time/money/invasion of privacy, but her efforts' needed on cam! #
  • Odd: Loratadine seems to work for my itchy skin, but not above-head allergies like cats, seasonal, etc. Sneezing & blowing all day. #
  • If you like seeing a cock squeezed between tits, check out my nudie pic of the day: http://t.co/ACqdxS3t #
  • Sometimes I just have to sit. And stare. And smelly my pussy on my fingers. #
  • I always love boxing before bed. This is a good one: (watching The Real Rocky) http://t.co/y6o86sFG #

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