• Go easy on me. Even when I hug mySELF I pull away — bored, distracted — before I've gotten my fill. #
  • I'm going to masturbate to the Kristen Stewart cheating-on-r-patz pics now. I can't help it, those shots & story totally turn me on. #
  • Switched to amateur blowjob-in-car video. Uncut cock, unreliable camera work . . . ORGASM (for me, I don't know how video ended). #
  • Smoke, reflections & glow-y sundown light in today's nudie pic(s): http://t.co/IsfihDuU PLUS blah blah blah!! #
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that my headache pain IS decreased, but hard to say if from herb or migraine-specific pills I took before smoking. #
  • If you're looking for someone more SEXUALLY stimulating than I @ present, my girlfriend @DeliaTS is on cam for you now: http://t.co/kHGoefxX #
  • @kwthemale I've never masturbated to her before, but I do/have always thought she is (and other Twilighters are) sexually attractive. in reply to kwthemale #
  • @AaliyahLove69 and I fucking love YOU, as always, and your dirty DIRTY sweet mind! in reply to AaliyahLove69 #
  • @Philoviridae or at LEAST sync your working and cooking schedule up with @DeliaTS camming schedule! Sheeesh! 😉 in reply to Philoviridae #

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