• @SophiaSylvan Good luck! It is hard to figure out how to/if we can have healthy relationships with parents who we also need boundaries with. in reply to SophiaSylvan 11:55:56
  • It's very interesting to brush up on the meanings of the basics, like "psychosis": http://t.co/wpmLP2jPPm 14:01:39
  • What I mean to say is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!
    I wish I could give you & others the amazing gift of #seroquel . . . maybe someday. #NoShame 14:04:17
  • Seriously. I know buttloads of pretty normal & awesome people, functioning passably, who exhibit a lot of those signs & symptoms. 14:08:52
  • Let me clarify: I *love* "crazy" people. I *am* a "crazy" person. I've been extremely well-loved by "crazy" people & wouldn't trade that in. 15:02:07
  • It's really weird to be at a boy's house. 22:18:15