• 10:23 Woke up and immediately got frantic working to fix an oversight of mine. Think it’s repaired now. Hope won’t set things back. Time for tea. #
  • 11:44 The insanity of credit card companies’ choke hold on websites, particularly adult websites, is grotesque. Going through ridiculous process. #
  • 12:38 Paid (some) bills. Shuffled others around to back of pile. We’ll have to be creative this month. #
  • 13:42 My feet are so damned cold. It’s July! Gah! Makes me want to have some lunch & eat it in bed (per usual) so I will. If I can figure out food #
  • 17:29 Phew! Finally finished six promo galleries & sent to affiliates. Here are two samples: tinyurl.com/5lqbqp tinyurl.com/5oxaxb #
  • 19:42 I’m running out of steam. Hungry, too; just passing time until Deli’a done with her show. 18 minutes to go. Can I wait that long to eat? #
  • 19:58 Managed to be continue being somewhat productive, but oh I’m DYING for Delia’s leftover chicken salad now . . . #
  • 22:21 So what if I’ve looked like a giant fluffball of pink fuzzy robe all day? I’ve been productive for 13 hours minus meals. #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter