• 00:10:47: Did some MUCH-NEEDED mind & body improving stretching and when we finished? Our cable was back up (& so are all our cams)!
  • 10:45:51: Just ran outside with scary voice & waving arms to chase off a deer that was chowing down on our apple tree. Not very effective.
  • 12:40:43: Trying to sketch out/design/build an easy-to-understand web page & portal explaining our different cams (shows vs spy) to link to from here.
  • 13:10:12: Getting ready to do some cardio on cam: wearing sport bra, socks & shoes ONLY! Members go here: http://tinyurl.com/ourspycams
  • 15:04:33: If only our shower at home were half as nice as the one at the hotel we stayed at. Oohhh well. Lotioning up right now.
  • 15:30:42: I hate that I get so stressed out when we’re trying to do something fun. Are we going to have time to eat & get to the movie on time???
  • 21:02:22: LOVED so many things about Iron Man 2. Many scenes were a huge turn-on to me & reminded me what I forgot Iloved about the first one.
  • 21:05:41: Has anyone seen Jonah Hex? Was it any good? It’s the only mainstreamy movie out that looks interesting to me but don’t want to see if lame.
  • 21:49:57: Thanks @facelift25 for the interesting read and @chaosaka – that clinches it. We won’t bother with Jonah Hex in the theater then.

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