Hmmm . . . the archive for yesterday is scheduled to post at noon. I wonder why that is? It’s already there as a draft. Is it because I changed my time zone settings in the dashboard? Wait . . . let me check the post times on previous entries: not exactly, since they’ve been posting at 11am every day.

I can’t figure out how to adjust this in the Twitter Tools plug-in settings. 4 am is the time I have it set to create the post from the previous day. Why does it wait until lunchtime to post it? Why doesn’t it publish immediately?

ALSO: I would love it if I could format each tweet so that it’s preceded by the time the tweet was made, like in the old days using Loud Twitter.

ALSO: I can’t get my wordpress app to connect to this blog. I get an error that includes org.xmlpull.v1.xmlpullparserexception blah blah blah. I found some stuff about it, but NEVERMIND – IT WORKED WHEN I ADDED WWW!

None of this is a high enough priority for me to dedicate time to it. TODAY, anyway.