• Congratulations @LightningAllie . . . only guessing I know a bit of what you're referring to. Crossing fingers blog entry will result. in reply to LightningAllie #
  • About to make shopping trip to the big suburbs. @DeliaTS needs a dress for @trannyawards , we need better light for putting on makeup, etc. #
  • Today's nudie pic is for Shrdlu: http://t.co/2kzHJdMP #
  • THIS IS GREAT (and important) re: health, gender, drugs: Whitney Houston’s Death is Probably Not What You Think It Is http://t.co/5uYBC41P #
  • Ohhh, @DiamondJames I so wish I'd have seen that. CLASSIC! I love that shit on so many levels. I've cried on cam 2 but not paycam exactly. in reply to DiamondJames #
  • Suburbia yielding nothing quite right for @deliats trip to @trannyawards. Shopping IS hard WORK. #
  • Nothing like a cheese plate the night before your period starts when you're lactose intolerant. http://t.co/F9mrpT9O #
  • Won't be surprised if I awake to gut-twisting cramps, diarrhea & bleeding in spite of taking much lactaid. http://t.co/YSEZXhDo #
  • Totally worth it for the Mimolette. http://t.co/nXbuKYkB My special life gift is seeing nothing wrong with eating even CRACKERS in bed. #

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