• Earl Grey steeping while I make lengthy plans & to-do's, etc. for today & rest of week (I changed my week to end Friday & start Saturday). #
  • Yay! I've already done the most important thing I'm going to do today; I exercised for an hour! #
  • Phew! Glad that's over with . . . 2 of 3 salon appointments done before shoot days next week. Dark roots GONE! Bushy brows WAXED! #
  • My nudie pic(s) of the day & notes on photo-shoot planning: http://t.co/uOKqT8Jl #
  • Skipped three dance parties in favor of work. Skipped some work in favor of hearing someone talk about recovery. Now we need some food & tv. #
  • The more help we get with work, the more absolutely stunned I am by how much we've been trying to do (& sometimes succeeding) alone. INSANE! #
  • I'm so weepy… (watching Lost, House of the Rising Sun S01E06) http://t.co/Tjpc4sHm #

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