• I'm taking a day off, but I still posted an unseen-before-now nudie pic of the day! http://t.co/urctMm7K (shot outside, capped in plastic) #
  • While @deliats washes the dishes, I'm slouched on couch, lustily singing "She's a Lady", rubbing my crotch vigorously through my pants. #
  • Lucky me! Surprise sighting of 2 loose kids/baby goats!! So fuzzy and adorable on their sturdy little legs!!! #
  • Going on a sleepy walk in the rain. This is going to smell SO GOOD. http://t.co/HjutCoWN #
  • That walk-on-the-rain tweet was from hours ago; it wouldn't send in the woods. Wet ferns: http://t.co/6NCwCoKh #
  • @KTAranui Awww, they sound so cute! in reply to KTAranui #
  • I couldn't deal with watching the little boy under the bed. I picture my nephews & burst into tears. (Lost S01E16) http://t.co/mElrkqT4 #
  • I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for Kate & Sun to fuck, eh? Sigh. (watching Lost, …In Translation S01E17) http://t.co/8i1HwVBR #

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