• @amberlily nope – no Richard yet . . . I'm not a fan of Jack, but @DeliaTS says that's because I didn't watch Party of Five. in reply to amberlily #
  • Perfect day for lawnmowing. A beautiful little frog escaped my blade. I stopped the mower and eyeballed him until he jumped into the slime. #
  • I'm about to give myself a hug, naked, to thank myself for exercising today and my body for being precious. #
  • I have a severe farting problem – super stinky, can't reliably hold in – lately that I hope cools off before we arrive at our destination. #
  • My nudie pic(s) of the day celebrate Native Plant Appreciation Week with False Solomon's Seal: http://t.co/U7Xx8NRh #
  • Note: it is @DeliaTS who has the vast majority of the plant knowledge in our home, so she's the one who identified that plant, not I. #

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