• My pussy is SO FUCKING EXCITED about the possibility of fucking & sucking a big new/stranger's thick cock tonight. Hope it works out. #
  • Everything resting on cost of flight change for this guy to stay in area (with me tonight). #
  • Very. Good. News.I now have THREE nights planned with a fat cock & our HD camcorder!!! I'm nervous, lucky & THROBBING. #
  • Note for creampie enthusiasts: there will be condoms for below-the-belt sex so you're out of luck this time. #
  • Probably won't get home until after 7 or 8 pacific, @C_BearE & then not sure how he'll feel about live voyeur cams. in reply to C_BearE #
  • LMAO at message I got from I-think-we-call-him-Alex re: timing leading to possibility of him "falling under the shadow of a fat cock". #
  • Edit: "falling under the shadow of a THICK cock". #
  • Sweet! Can you believe that was my first time being fucked on the hood of a car? OK, fine: it was the trunk of the car. But still HOT! #
  • Sorry did not make a movie of it – it was a getting-to-know-you fuck. Also: he doesn't want to be on the spycams. Today, anyway. #

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