• We're on the road. http://t.co/XO3vBF3X #
  • Omfg piece of shit in ferry line loudly broadcasting bible-talk radio. So offensive, intrusive, inconsiderate, bizarre, ridiculous. #
  • "You know, it's interesting; serpents can occupy any medium on earth, but LAMBS…." Devil blah blah DEVIL serpent blah blah Satan blah. #
  • Oh damn, he turned it off just as I was about to go over there & start loudly singing "Boney Maroney" & dancing with lewd hip movements. #
  • Quick drawing of one of my fave subjects, spotted on our drive: http://t.co/6s7yjBUU #
  • LOL at this romantic shoulder that's obviously really a big thick cock. I mean, obviously, right? OBVIOUSLY? http://t.co/uouX40U6 #
  • Have any of my fellow pac nw peeps ever read this? Can't believe I passed it over. http://t.co/t4kijrXa #
  • My nudie pic of the day in a tent a few hours ago: http://t.co/qJ3j5QXC #

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