• If you like retro images, glasses, and my natural boobs, tummy, etc. I think you'll like the nudie pic we just shot: http://t.co/Ua3WScE0 #
  • A lot of nature has flown in through our open doors today & tonight. Confused bird just now almost landed on my head as I sit at computer. #
  • I'm not afraid of birds, so that was the first time I actually felt disconcerted; sound of panicked wings in my ear was a little unsettling. #
  • Thanks, @UndressJess and yes – using the RetroCam app (which I was introduced to by @LightningAllie – I use it tons. in reply to UndressJess #
  • 99 times out of 100 I do not take a nap when I say I'm going to. Okay, 95 out of 100. #

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