• Happy birthday to the super-awesome @minasmusings ! Thank you for all of the boundaries you push and SET. Congrats & thx 4 sharing poly evo. #
  • {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} {{hugs}} @SFKingdom in reply to SFKingdom #
  • Having fun with my upgraded To-Do List software from @Dextronet – I love both Swift & Daily To-Do. #
  • Check out @DeliaTS newsletter with preview pics & video clips from her members-only area: http://t.co/Dd8Jse0e (I'm in there too!) #
  • I *love* @Dextronet's approach to prioritizing tasks: http://t.co/9S5Sd7kT (scroll down to "my better prioritizing system". #
  • Is a goal actionable? Or does achieving a goal only happen when you break it down into actionable tasks? #
  • This hot redhead camgirl Lucy has a shemale fuckdoll! http://t.co/2Cp0fmYT (and a bunch of other great toys). #
  • While I fart & make to-do lists in the cabin, @DeliaTS is sexy & stroking it live on cam: http://t.co/HEzlZjSQ #
  • @katsnacks LMAO in reply to katsnacks #

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