• (sorry . . . took that pic earlier . . . I'm not actually a few feet from the railroad tracks tweeting of spiritual crises now/at midnight) 00:02:08
  • Been working on a small flexible concept site for the past four hours. Feeling mildly less useless. 03:33:33
  • I misplaced my lens cap. That must've a metaphor for something. 04:27:45
  • RT @DeliaTS: Just posted a few sexy Xmas pics and a cute little teaser video in my blog. http://t.co/ZSgCFytCQb 12:49:57
  • My fave selfie in my nudie #potd post for yesterday is the one where I still have my pajamas on: http://t.co/pgdmxjTuWO Which is your fave? 12:58:57
  • I wish "spouse" were a cooler sounding word. 13:35:09
  • Sometimes I walk these streets and am overwhelmed considering how many shitty things have happened to people on & under them. Still have PMS 14:47:50
  • Big drunk #Seahawks fan, stumbling towards me last night:

    "DAMN, lady!!"
    {{stumble left, stumble right}}

    "DAMN those titties!!" 15:31:55

  • That looks like fun, @JaneBurgess ! I love the silly/slutty/fun things on the "activity" tab. in reply to JaneBurgess 15:41:23
  • Two opposable thumbs up for atheism, but I roll my eyes hard at the Richard Dawkins cult of shitty personality & fervently evangelical BS. 16:48:24